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Miss Kentucky USA 2009, Maria Montgomery says:

"In fifth grade, my mom took me to see Dr. Durbin and Huang for my orthodontic needs. I wasn't the girl born with the perfect smile. I was so excited to to take my first step, spacers. The spacers led to the Herbst Appliance, which led to the Herbst Appliance with braces, then full braces. Braces were something I wanted and thought were pretty cool in middle school. However, I didn't understand that having braces wasn't just about obtaining straight teeth. The orthodontics were the best for my health and overall self confidence. I'm thankful that the Kentucky Center for Orthodontics were able to get my braces on and off very quickly, even with a lot of work to be accomplished. I later started doing pageants when I was 15 years old. The more I compete, the more I am told I have "smile power." Yes, the power comes from within, but that power comes from having confidence in my smile which led to overall confidence in myself. Through my smile I was able to shine and gain the titles of Miss Kentucky USA and Miss USA 3rd Runner-up. I use my smile for all that it's worth and am so thankful I decided not only to get braces, but to get braces through The Kentucky Center for Orthodontics. They not only completed the task at hand, but their friendship and ability to make me laugh were endless. I found myself excited for each visit! I love my smile now and am 100% sure that I wouldn't be where I am today, and where I'm heading, without it." - Maria Montgomery

Thanks again and God Bless!